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Pretty outdoor pots: make a pleasing holiday arrangement

Believe it or not, it’s about time to put away the mums and pumpkins of fall and replace them with the evergreens and snowmen of winter. With the change of seasons often comes a change of decoration both inside and outside your home. If you’re looking for some new ways to spice up the outside of your house, we’ve got a few here for you. All you’ll need is a container and some clipping shears. ...More »
How to home brew: creating your own beer isn't all that difficult

Craft beers are putting a dent in the commercial beer business. More choices gives beer-drinkers an opportunity to find a flavor they truly enjoy drinking, turning each bottle or pint into a sensory experience. In the past few years, brewing at home has become a major trend and has many beer drinkers asking just how do you make your own brew?
While home brewing might seem daunting at first, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Wally Klopp, owner of Pine Cheese Mart in Pine Island and Von Klopp Brew Shop in Rochester, has been brewing beer and wine for over 38 years. Everything you need to begin brewing can be bought in an equipment set and brew kit. Once you have that, it’s time to start brewing.
Brewing process ...More »
Effective exercise: low-impact exercise offers great health benefits

Exercise is something we know we’re supposed to do, but often we come up with reasons why we shouldn’t, or can’t, do it. Sometimes, these are legitimate concerns such as joint problems. Low-impact workouts are often a great answer for those who are unable, or unwilling, to do more “common” exercises.
What is a low-impact workout, you ask? We got the scoop from Pennie Eisenbeis, group fitness coordinator at the Rochester Area Family YMCA. “Low-impact exercise is a type of exercise that does not require you to heel strike a hard surface,” she says. This extends to hitting a hard surface, such as the floor or the road, with any limb. High-impact workouts, on the other hand, do rely on heavy hitting of hard surfaces. High-impact workouts include running, dancing and jumping, for example. Low-impact workouts can include biking, walking and yoga. ...More »
The power of touch: Reiki can help ease pain.
At times, our journey through life is difficult. We are riddled with stress or we suffer from abuse. Our body aches from past injuries, surgeries or cancer. All of these ailments can send us into a tailspin.
We are forced to reach out and find something to combat our suffering. We begin looking for a magic bullet. But the magic bullet can’t offer us what we desire because there isn’t one magical element that can take the pain away.
By changing our perception of our life, however, we are given an opportunity to reduce unconscious turmoil. Diane Anderson, a Reiki practitioner in Rochester says, “Reiki is a way of life. It teaches us to be aware and exist with a higher level of consciousness.” ...More »
Not just for carving: tap into the many uses of pumpkins this season

As days shorten and air cools, thoughts gradually turn from the rush and heat of summer to autumn’s crisp coming. Pumpkins have long been a symbol for fall, but jack-o-lanterns aren’t the fruit’s only purpose. Pumpkins can serve in a variety of culinary roles, from sweet to savory, and can make festive fall decorations on their own without needing to carve them. These garden fruits can be especially gratifying because they’re one of the handful of plants growers have to wait all summer long to offer up to others and enjoy themselves.  ...More »
Eco-friendly Halloween: suggestions for keeping Halloween safe for kids and the earth
Halloween is the one day of the year it’s okay to pretend to be somebody or something else. As your child gears up to go trick-or-treating, there are many ways you can fit this holiday into an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Costume basics
For starters, have a quick look through your child’s old costumes. Whether you keep them in a box or in a closet, chances are you’ve saved costumes from past years. Gather inspiration from what you find: turn the old ghost sheet costume into a toga or cut it up to make a pirate shirt. Old dance recital outfits can make a wonderful costume, especially if you add more tulle for a fuller princess-style skirt. If you don’t have a trunk of old costumes, maybe this year is the time to start one. ...More »
A communal effort: Just Food Co-op celebrates 10 years of business
Walk into Northfield’s Just Food Co-Op and you’ll find a store packed with shelves full of organic foods and aisles full of customers. You can find just about anything you need, from organic cat food to fresh-grown vegetables harvested from farms only miles outside of town. And shoppers have the opportunity to do more than just fill their carts, since Just Food is a co-op that’s responsible to its members—all 2,800 of them.1 As Just Food Co-Op celebrates its 10th year in Northfield, it is finding more and more ways to support the community that supports it. ...More »
Rush to crush: volunteers help wineries get the most from their harvest

Just as the leaves begin their annual dance, turning from green into blazing orange, red and yellow, there’s romance in the air, pens wax poetic and grape growers rush to crush. Before the first frost sets on the pumpkins, wineries in southeastern Minnesota pluck their delicate fruit from the vine, relying on help from volunteers for their harvest each year.
Within a few short miles from the heart of Rochester, there are many wineries to visit and, if so inclined, pick up sheers, don gloves and experience the gratification that comes from helping with a winery harvest and grape stomp.
Four Daughters ...More »
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